Newsletter January 2010

First of all we would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Lesson Plan for January 2010

Shortly before the new year the children learned to make fireworks with glitter and also started to learn about the four seasons.  This week we will continue with our winter unit in our curriculum.  We will start the year off by reading books about winter weather and the seasons of the year.  We will then be teaching the children of the animals that are associated with cold temperatures and winter such as penguins, polar bears, and seals.  We will try to help children understand the feeling of making a snowman and playing with snow by simulating a snowman using cotton and clay.  We will also introduce the concept of cold and will use ice cubes to simulate the temperature generated by snow and the temperatures that are present in colder climates.  We will introduce the children about the clothing and attire worn by those in colder countries to cope with the cold.  In addition to these planned activities we will be conducting a lot of spontaneous free choice activities.  We will be conducting alot of spontaneous free choice activities.

We will follow up the winter unit with a unit on the water cycle from evaporation to precipitation, if parents have any books on any of the above topics they are most welcome to share them with us.

This month we will be celebrating Martin Luther King's Birthday.  We will teach the children and concept of peace, equality, sharing and giving.  We will have children to make a tree and join hands as a symbol of unity and equality.

We will take a multi media trip to the zoo.  We will introduce the setting along with the animals that are found in the zoo.  We will talk about the importance of the forest plants, trees, jungle, and wild animals.

We will introduce our community places, neighborhood, different types of homes, supermarket, library, school, pet store, and expand their knowledge by discussion.





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