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Bambini Montessori Goals

  To help children become confident, happy, calm, purposeful, free, and independent

  To stimulate the growth of the total child.

  To provide an enriching and stimulating environment with safe limits in which the child is an active explorer.

  To encourage the child to become Self-directed.

  To provide a framework of discipline and personal strength.

  To develop creativity and a positive self-image.

  To provide a cross cultural environment in which the foundation of peace and special stress on values may be laid.

  To awaken children's interest in all subjects and to encourage the art of learning.

  To give children an understanding of the world and respect for all people around the world.


Bambini Montessori School, 227 Tumon Heights Road, Tamuning, Guam 96913

Ph. 671-649-2636  Fax: 649-2642, Email.   (MAP)

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